A number of short films were submitted in this year's Short Film Competition by filmmakers from throughout the United States. The best of these films, as determined by our judges and juror, will be shown on both Friday (February 22) and Saturday (February 23) afternoon from 12:00pm to 1:45pm in the Rusk Room at the Fredonia Hotel.

The following is a list (in alphabetical order) of the short films that will be shown to the public during the 2019 Nacogdoches Film Festival:

College Town — Directed by Michael Shacket of Burbank, California. SYNOPSIS: After the hottest girl in school agrees to hook-up with him on the condition that he can get her weed, John sets out on a quest to find it somewhere in his small town. His best friend Izzy tags along as they stumble through their options.

Control — Directed by Carroll Brown of Newhall, California. SYNOPSIS: A scientist trapped by herself on an outpost near Jupiter after the death of her companion begins to imagine, or realize, that she is not alone after all.

Echoes — Directed by Mark Kerins of Dallas, Texas. SYNOPSIS: An ordinary family outing becomes a waking nightmare when a young mother loses her children and her search for them forces her to confront the echoes of a past she cannot escape.

Loose Ends— Directed by Freshman Douglas of Nederland, Texas. SYNOPSIS: A CIA team chief locates and asks his former team members (Op's) to come back for one last mission to tie up some loose ends.

The PorcelainsThe 2019 Nacogdoches Film Festival WINNER in the Short Film Categorywas directed by Jacob Sizemore of Bedford, Texas. SYNOPSIS: The film is a chilling tale of the lengths an outcast, Bianca, goes through to be accepted by the most popular group of girls in high school.

Returning— Directed by Jenna Covarrubias of Helotes, Texas. SYNOPSIS: A teenage girl has just escaped a traumatic experience and now she must find her way home.

Short Films Being Shown at NacFilmFest