Panel Sessions at 2018 Nacogdoches Film Festival

Panel in 2017 on acting for film and television. Seated, left to right, are Brad Maule (General Hospital), Jeff Pope (Hap and Leonard), Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Herb Midgley, moderator.

Every year, the Nacogdoches Film Festival brings to town a wide variety of talented individuals who make their living in the film industry. As part of the Festival’s program, we offer a number of interesting panel discussions — on Friday and Saturday — featuring knowledgeable industry professionals.

All panel sessions are free of charge and will be held in the Rusk Room in the Fredonia Hotel & Conference Center.

More information on panel participants and topics will be forthcoming as guests and films are confirmed.

NOTE: To give you a general idea of potential topics, last year's panel session topics were:

  • "So You Want to Be an Actor in the Movies?"
  • "Composing Music for Film"
  • "Shooting a Film in East Texas"
  • "Acting for Film and Television"
  • "Making a Documentary Film"
  • "Screenwriting & Writing for Filmmakers"
  • Law for Independent Filmmakers"
  • "Crewing a Film"

Panel in 2017 on making a documentary film. Seated, left to right, are Levie Isaacks  A.S.C., Al Reinert, James McMahan, Carl Crum and Herb Midgley, moderator.

Panel session on screenwriting at 2017 Festival. Seated, left to right, are Al Reinert, Keith Lansdale, Joe Lansdale, and Amber Benson.

Panel Sessions