2020 NacFilmFest - High School Films Being Shown

High School Short Films Being Shown

A number of short films will be submitted in this year's competition by high school film students from throughout the state of Texas and around the country. These films will be shown on Saturday (February 22) morning from 10:30am to 12:30pm at  Stephen F. Austin State University's Cole Art Center in downtown Nacogdoches, a short three-minute walk from the Fredonia Hotel.

These high school short films (listed in alphabetical order) have been selected by our jurors to be shown to the public during the 2020 Nacogdoches Film Festival:

  • WINNERColors Run — directed by Olivia Carter of Austin, Texas; SYNOPSIS: The unlikely friendship of a broken old soul and a young imaginative girl. 
  • Anansi — directed by Elliott Gibson of Woollahra, Australia; SYNOPSIS: Potion master, Anansi, is a man of many faces. Which face will he show an innocent boy in search of a potion for his sick father?
  • BaBam directed by Nick Sherman of Anaheim, California; SYNOPSIS: A father sits down with his daughter to tell the story on how he became a superhero
  • Cat — directed by Madeleine White of Los Angeles, California; SYNOPSIS: Arriving home the morning after missing his daughter's birthday, a functioning alcoholic dad runs over the family cat and, in an attempt to hide it in the backyard, he finds him self drowning in the pool.
  • Hourglass — directed by Bryce Knick of The Grandin Theatre Film Lab in Roanoke, Virginia; SYNOPSIS: Terrible visions plague a woman until she confronts what lurks within them.
  • The Jingle — directed by Chase Bolnick of Randolph, New Jersey; SYNOPSIS: A teenager is haunted by the fact that, when he was nine , he was in the "Kars 4 Kids " TV commercial.
  • Miracle— directed by Suzanne Spector of Houston, Texas; SYNOPSIS: After miraculously surviving a brutal car accident without a single injury, Claire is hunted by the devil.
  • The Rose — directed by Ashley Kang; SYNOPSIS: As she starts her new project, Mina begins to be tormented by someone at her studio, picking on every little mistake on her work.
  • The Protector — directed by Andy Hubert and Nabeel Raza of The Grandin Theatre Film Lab in Roanoke, Virginia; SYNOPSIS: A young boy takes inspiration from a vintage superhero show to learn how to be truly heroic.
  • Static — directed by Jackson Little of Calabasas, California; SYNOPSIS: A businessman, under pressure working at home, finds himself facing a series of strange occurrences while waiting for his wife to come home.