Herbert Midgley

As a filmmaker for the last twenty years, Herbert Midgley has worked as a director, unit production manager, assistant director, camera, editor, sound design, sound mixer, boom, grip, production assistant, screenwriter, and composer. He has worked on ten feature films and fifty-plus short films. Also, Herbert has made many narrative and art films and is an active photographer. He is in demand as a producer, composer and assistant director for independent films. Last year he wrote two feature film screenplays and made various indie films and music videos.

Herbert holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Film & Cinematography and an M.Ed. in Education, in addition to an M.M. in Music Composition.  He was one of the pioneers of YouTube and has about 5,000 videos that he was posted.  For the last eleven years, Herbert has posted one video on YouTube each day.

In 2014 Herbert Midgley premiered his sci-fi feature film, The Rise Of The Robots, in film festivals all over the United States. In 2016, The Rise Of The Robots received a distribution deal on Amazon Prime and on DVD.

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