The following films have been selected for showing at the 2019 Nacogdoches Film Festival. This year's theme is "Getting Started in the Film Business" and focuses on the early years of a filmmaker's career.

  • Lore — the Nacogdoches Film Festival will kick off on Thursday evening with Lore, the winner of 2018 Feature Film Competition. Written and directed by Brock Manwill and Christian Larsen. SYNOPSIS:  While searching for her missing son in the remote wilderness, a woman gets help from her estranged husband and a Native American friend. Soon, an evil creature begins to hunt them, turning their journey into a fight for survival. This is Brock Manwill's first feature film and was filmed in the mountains of Southeast Idaho, near Paris, Idaho.    OFFICIAL TRAILER

  • Sins of the Fathers — the second movie on Thursday evening will be Sins of the Fathers, the 2016 SFA summer feature film. Written and directed by Ethan Cartwright.   SYNOPSIS: Ryan Kerrigan wants answers, and he'll do anything to get them. Sarah Andrews and Reuben Atkins, private investigators, are the only ones who can stop him. There will be no forgiveness. There will be no forgiveness. Sins of the Fathers was produced by Stephen F. Austin State University and ImakeGood Productions and is the first feature film of writer/director Ethan Cartwright. It stars Keenan Chiasson, Bill Wise, Jennifer Suter, Buck Richardson and Brad Maule.  OFFICIAL TRAILER

  • One Month Out —  the Friday evening films will kick off with One Month Out,  a brand new movie not yet out for distribution that was produced & directed by John Schneider and stars Ruth Buzzi, both of whom will be in attendance. We will be watching a director's cut of the movie. 

  • Cut Shoot Kill —  the second film on Friday evening will be Cut Shoot Kill, a newly released (Aug 2017) horror film directed by Michael Walker, with music by Texas native Christopher North, who will be in attendance. SYNOPSIS: Serena Brooks, an ambitious young actress, signs on as the star of a horror film with a crew of backwoods filmmakers that have worked together for years. When the cast starts disappearing, Serena has to become her character if she wants to survive.  OFFICIAL TRAILER.

  • The Buddy Holly Story —  the final film shown on Saturday evening will be The Buddy Holly Story, the first feature length film directed by Dallas native Steve Rash during his long and successful Hollywood career, which earned three Academy Award nominations.  SYNOPSIS:The Buddy Holly Story is a 1978 biographical film which tells the life story of rock musician Buddy Holly and features an Academy Award-winning musical score, adapted by Joe Renzetti, and Oscar-nominated lead performance by Gary Busey. It was directed by Steve Rash.  OFFICIAL TRAILER.

In addition to these feature films, we will also be showing the following short films on Friday and Saturday:

Films Being Shown at 2019 NacFilmFest