David Blue Garcia

David is an Emmy award-winning Director / DP based in Austin, Texas. He has directed everything from national TV spots to hundreds of product, web and branded content commercials.

David fell in love with filmmaking when he was 13 years old. He caught the bug while he and his friends filmed each other skateboarding after school and soon realized that he preferred operating the camera and directing the shots.

Before long, their skate films turned into elaborate short films and mini action movies. David failed High School Calculus because he was too busy storyboarding action scenes and drawing comics in the margins of his school work. Having failed this class lowered his GPA and nearly kept him from pursuing his dream of attending film school at the University of Texas at Austin. But it didn't.

In 2018 David released his feature length Directorial debut, TEJANO, about a young man's desperate deal with a Mexican cartel. TEJANO won the Audience Award at the Dallas International Film Festival and is set to release digitally in February 2019.

David has "lensed" a variety of projects in his 10 years as a Cinematographer. He learned the craft by shooting and editing on 16mm film at the University of Texas. He began his career shooting independent short and feature films, national news, documentary, music festivals and corporate video. Now he works steadily creating commercial, television and content for a number of brands and is comfortable working in a run and gun situation or running a large crew.

To date he has shot six independent feature films, including his directorial debut, TEJANO, and BLOOD FEST. His work has taken him to 11 countries on five continents.

In 2011 he won an Emmy for his camera work on the NBC Ironman World Championship filmed in Hawaii.