All Hail the Popcorn King

All Hail the Popcorn King is a documentary film about award-winning author and screenwriter Joe R. Lansdale, directed by Hansi Oppenheimer.

Lansdale shares stories from his life and career in Nacogdoches, Texas, while a wide range of artists and fans, including Joe Hill, Mick Garris, Brian Keene, Bruce Campbell, Don Coscarelli, and more, share what they love the most about the man and his work.

All Hail the Popcorn King paints a vivid picture of iconoclastic creator Joe R. Lansdale, who isn’t just a talented writer, but seems to be a genuinely good person, to boot. The interviews included here are in such a down-to-earth, conversational manner that you can’t help but just get drawn in by his charisma and sense of humor. CREDIT: Psycho Drive-In. 


2020 NacFilmFest - All Hail the Popcorn King